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Angelina Stonecrop, also known as Sedum rupestre 'Angelina', is a low-growing succulent that adds beauty and vibrancy to any garden or home. This plant is known for its bright yellow-green foliage, which turns orange and red in the fall.

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stonecrop 'Angelina' An evergreen, low-growing, mat-forming perennial to 15cm tall and 60cm wide. The cylindrical, linear leaves are a bright yellow in the spring, maturing to yellow-green in the summer with orange and red autumnal tints. Upright stems carry clusters of small, yellow flowers in the summer Synonyms Sedum album 'Angelina'

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Sedum 'Angelinas Teacup' (Stonecrop) is a mat-forming perennial with an abundance of very fine, needle like foliage that retains its bright chartreuse yellow color all summer long. The foliage turns bright shades of orange and red in cooler weather. Very dense and well-branched, this sedum selection does not produce flower heads, keeping the brilliant foliage mound neat and tidy looking. A.

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Angelina thrives among rocks and gritty soil. Also known as Sedum reflexum. Uses Classic plants for rock gardens! Looks great filling in between rocks and spilling over container edges.

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'Angelina' stonecrop ( Sedum rupestre 'Angelina') is a perennial, evergreen plant with succulent foliage that forms a low-growing mat. The name "stonecrop" comes from Middle English, referring to the plant's ability to grow in rocky, gravelly areas.

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Sedum rupestry 'Angelina' is a cultivar of the Sedum species rupestry and is mainly grown for its striking spiky yellow leaves that turn an attractive red-orange color with cold weather in the fall. In the wild, this plant is often found along walls, shingle and warm grassy places on sandy soils. It avoids acid soils.

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stonecrop 'Angelina's Teacup' A dwarf succulent, to around 15cm high, with a dense, compact habit and small, narrow, bright yellow-green leaves that are tipped orange in colder temperatures Synonyms Sedum rupestre 'Atc2018' Hylotelephium 'Angelina's Teacup' (SunSparkler Series) see more Sedum 'Angelina's Teacup' Join the RHS today and save 25%

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A terrific low evergreen groundcover for sunny areas with poor dry soil. This forms a trailing mat of succulent golden-yellow leaves. Clusters of yellow starry flowers appear during the summer. When planted in cont.

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The Prima Angelina Stonecrop Sedum remains compact with a final size of 3-6 inches high and 6-8 inches wide. If growing this sedum to form a mat of undulating yellow foliage, it can be planted at a spacing of around 6-8 inches apart.. The plants are thoroughly trialed and tested in every growing zone before we state the plant can grow in a.

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Deservedly popular, Sedum rupestre 'Angelina' (Stonecrop) is a low growing, mat-forming, evergreen perennial with a brilliant golden-yellow foliage of needle-like leaves, which turns copper-orange in winter. Sitting atop 8 in. (20 cm) upright stems, clusters of small, yellow, starry flowers appear in midsummer.

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Also commonly called Angelina stonecrop or Angelina stone orpine, Angelina sedum plants are low growing, spreading plants that only get about 3 to 6 inches (8-15 cm.) tall, but can spread up to 2 to 3 feet (61-91 cm.) wide.

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Sedum "Angelina" cultivars are excellent succulents for sites like these. Click this article for tips on growing Angelina stonecrop in the garden. Are you looking for a low maintenance groundcover for a sandy bed or rocky slope?

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Sedum 'angelina', a variety of Sedum rupestre, is found in rock gardens or as succulent groundcover. Our guide shares growing and care tips! Written by Kelli Klein Last updated: June 22, 2023 8 min read It doesn't take a master gardener to grow Sedum angelina.

Sedum reflexum 'Angelina' Angelina Stonecrop (3.5" Pot) Little

Angelina stonecrop, also known as Sedum rupestre 'Angelina,' is a popular low-growing succulent plant with yellow-green foliage. This plant is easy to care for, making it a great choice for beginners or those looking to add some greenery to their indoor or outdoor space.

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Sedum ( Petrosedum rupestre subsp. rupestre 'Angelina') Common names Sedum Jenny's Stonecrop Stonecrop Botanical names Accepted: Petrosedum rupestre subsp. rupestre Synonym: Sedum reflexum Synonym: Sedum rupestre Also sold as: Gold Blob Photo Gallery Uploaded by evermorelawnless Uploaded by valleylynn Uploaded by evermorelawnless

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Planted in narrow areas, it can make a nice border. This Stonecrop does well as a container plant. It makes an attractive hanging basket with a natural growth habit causing it to spill over the sides. Stonecrop Sedum Angelina grows about 4" inches tall. In cooler climates, the needle like foliage color turns to shades of yellow and red in autumn.