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The color blue-green is one of the most emotionally complex colors in the spectrum. It evokes a range of contradictory feelings, from peace and tranquility to energy and excitement. Its dual nature makes it an incredibly useful tool for designers and marketers looking to communicate certain emotions to their audience.

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Best Blue Green Paint Colors by Sherwin Williams - Watery. Sherwin Williams Watery is a gorgeous blue green paint color that will look blue green on your walls in mostly any lighting. It has a bit of brightness to it, mostly because it lacks any strong gray undertones. Watery has more blue than green in it.

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Blue - green paint is a color designers love. It can lean neutral, refreshing, lively, and even moody. It's an easy-to-pair pick and works for a variety of design styles. It's an effortless choice to liven up an all-white space and add a dash of color to a kitchen, powder bath, or even dining room.

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Information Conversion Schemes Alternatives Preview Shades and Tints Tones Blindness Simulator In a RGB color space, hex #0d98ba (also known as Blue green) is composed of 5.1% red, 59.6% green and 72.9% blue. Whereas in a CMYK color space, it is composed of 93% cyan, 18.3% magenta, 0% yellow and 27.1% black.

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Check out the full list of all blue-green shades with names, hex, RGB and CMYK color codes: Blue-Green Color Shades Fluorescent Blue Color Fluorescent Blue HEX #15F4EE RGB 21, 244, 238 RGB percentage 8%, 96%, 93% CMYK 91, 0, 2, 4 HSL 178°, 91%, 51% Dark Cyan Color Dark Cyan HEX #008B8B RGB 0, 139, 139 RGB percentage 0%, 54.5%, 54.5%

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Blue green is a color that lies between blue and green in the color wheel. Its hex code is #0D98BA. Blue green is one of Crayola's oldest crayon colors and has been part of many sets of Crayola crayons since the 1930s. Because the hue is commonly found in nature from fish, like the blue-green damselfish, to lakes, it is best used with colors.

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When blended together into one paint option, blue-green is the type of pigment that can enliven or soften any room because it covers such a wide range of tones. And given that blue-green appears in nature, it can also harmonize with wood furnishings, large windows, or stone accents.

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Bluish Green Color | ArtyClick My Details Color Palettes Bluish Green #10A674 Shades of Bluish Green #10A574 #0E9367 #0C805A #0B6E4D #095C40 #074933 #053726 #032419 #01120C #000000 Find more Tints of Bluish Green #10A574 #23AF80 #37B98E #4EC39C #66CDAB #81D7BA #9DE1CA #BCEBDB #DCF5EC #FFFFFF Find more Tones of Bluish Green #01B579 #0BAB76 #15A173

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10 Designer-Approved Blue-Green Paint Colors You'll Want to Try ASAP. This fresh, bold hue is a pro-favorite for a reason. By Alyssa Longobucco Published: Jul 21, 2022 2:08 PM EST.

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Discover 95 types of beautiful blue-green color shades. Learn about popular blue-green colors and their unique characteristics. Explore a vast array of blue-green shades, from vibrant and bold to soft and delicate. Understand the nuances within the blue-green color family and their color palettes.

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Clare's Current Mood is definitely more of a green than a blue, but it has subtle blue undertones that give it a romantic feel. It's a deep, dark color that will saturate any room, so make sure you have enough natural light to complement such a daring color. Clare Current Mood $54.00. Shop. 06 of 15.

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Blue-green is the color that is between green and blue. It belongs to the cyan family of colors. Variations Cyan (aqua) A modern RGB color wheel Cyan, also called aqua, is the blue-green color that is between blue and green on a modern RGB color wheel .

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Hunter green is a pale green. It's a mellow color that reminds one of a forest floor near the end of autumn; the grass isn't vibrant at this time of year and because of this lack of vibrancy, the grass can look pale. That's what hunter green can be described as. Hunter green Hex #3F704D RGB 63, 112, 77 CMYK 44, 0, 31, 56 Artichoke Green

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Blue Green Paint Colors Rainwashed by Sherwin Williams Rainwashed is a cool and refreshing pale blue green. This color is saturated enough that you don't have to worry about it washing out in a well-lit room. Its LRV is 59.

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Blue Green. Blue green is a strong greenish shade of blue with the hex code #088F8F, located between blue and green on the RGB color wheel. Frequently seen in nature, this is the color of the famous blue-green algae, which are actually a type of bacterium.

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