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Federal Bureau of Investigation Special Agent Dale Bartholomew Cooper, portrayed by Kyle MacLachlan, is a fictional character who is the protagonist of the ABC television series Twin Peaks and its 2017 revival series by Showtime. He also plays a supporting role in the prequel film Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me .

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Plot and series overview Main article: List of Twin Peaks episodes focuses on the mystery of who killed Laura Palmer (played by Sheryl Lee, pictured in 1990). In 1989, local logger Pete Martell discovers a naked corpse wrapped in plastic on the bank of a river outside the town of Twin Peaks, Washington.

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In the battle of the revived cult hits, "Twin Peaks" established Sunday night that it will not be "Star Wars," with a clean and fan-servicey narrative that worked like an overly fine-tuned watch, nor "Arrested Development," with a karaoke-seeming version of its old characters. The revived "Twin Peaks" is already like nothing else, and that surprisingly includes its former self.

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Twin Peaks tells the story of FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper as he heads over to the town of Twin Peaks to investigate the cold-blooded murder of a young girl called Laura Palmer. At first, it.

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Twin Peaks, Washington, United States Shot by Lucy Brennan Residence Black Lodge Family Richard Horne (son) Physical attributes Hair color Black Eye color White (inside red room) Black (outside red room) Behind the scenes Actor Kyle MacLachlan

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The Socratic Method Dale Cooper (Dougie Jones): Twin Peaks character profile Twin Peaks Sep 12 Written By Dale Cooper, a central character in the cult TV series Twin Peaks, is a complex figure who undergoes a transformative journey throughout the show's third season, known as "The Return."

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Shelly has ditched her husband to shack up with Red, once again falling back on her cycle of being attracted to bad boys. Mr. C—Cooper's evil doppelganger—makes it to Jack Rabbit's Palace too early, and is launched into a future frame to make it to the destined fight with Freddy on time.

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In The Return, this Cooper doppelganger is known as Mr. C and sports long black hair and dark eyes. Twin Peaks: The Return quickly shows Mr. C to be a brutal killer who has been involved in many criminal schemes. He left Twin Peaks 25 years before while still masquerading as Cooper, and the series reveals he later showed up to Diane's house.

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Richard Born April 19, 1954 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States Residence Las Vegas, Nevada ( 2016) San Francisco, California ( 1985 - 1989) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania ( 1976 -1985) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (1954-1976) Occupation FBI Special Agent Deputy Family

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Spoilers for the first three episodes of Twin Peaks Season 3.. Things have changed in Twin Peaks in the gap between Seasons 2 and 3, and nowhere is this more true than with Dale Cooper. The return of David Lynch's seminal murder mystery/soap opera/pastiche is a cultural event of the highest order - television or otherwise - and at the center of that is the question over the fate of Kyle.

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Hotels on Screen 'Twin Peaks' Star Kyle MacLachlan and Co-Creator Mark Frost on Dale Cooper's 'Both Wonderful and Strange' Lodging Upon its premiere in April of 1990, "Twin Peaks.

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Cooper is an FBI agent who arrives in Twin Peaks in 1989 to investigate the brutal murder of popular high-school student Laura Palmer.

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July 16, 1945 - Detonation of The First Atomic Bomb: The Manhattan Project culminates in the detonation of the first successful nuclear test bomb, code-named "Trinity", at the White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico. A group of Woodsmen appears at a convenience store, walking in and out as time fluctuations and speed-ups occur.

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Dale Cooper — yes, the fictional detective from David Lynch's cultishly beloved 1989 series Twin Peaks — was apparently 15 when he had his first cup of coffee. He was hitchhiking home from a.

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Agent Cooper in Twin Peaks is the audience: once delighted, now disintegrating And never more so than in Showtime's new series revival By Tasha Robinson May 31, 2017, 12:03 PM PDT Image:.

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'Twin Peaks': We Analyzed TV's Greatest Dream Sequence. We decipher the meaning of the Man From Another Place, the red-curtained waiting room, and everything else in Agent Dale Cooper's dream