How to Open Your Fireplace Damper (Poker, Rotary, Double Pivot) Ask

How to Open Your Fireplace Damper (Poker, Rotary, Double Pivot) Ask

If your fireplace is one that does not have a damper, several options exist. Below are a few of the options starting with the least expensive. Flue balloon Flue balloons are sold online and come in a variety of sizes to fit the opening (smoke chamber) just above your fireplace.

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Top Mount Dampers are dually puprosed as they are a chimney cap and an energy-efficient way to seal off a drafty traditional fireplace. If you are tired of feeling that cold draft coming down your chimney, a Top Sealing Damper is perfect for you.

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There are three main fireplace dampers: throat dampers, chimney cap dampers, and flue dampers. Each type has unique features and benefits, but they all serve the same essential purpose: to control the airflow and keep your fireplace functioning safely and efficiently.

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Skamol Panels. Skamol improves indoor climates with top quality, specialty insulation systems for more efficient and sustainable heating. With over 100 years of combined damper design and manufacturing, U.S. Fireplace Products has created the successful blueprint for the most effective, efficient products on the market today.

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A fireplace damper is a small door inside a fireplace, usually near the base of the chimney. Typically made from cast iron or other heat-resistant metal (sometimes ceramic), the damper essentially opens and closes the chimney. When someone refers to "opening the flue" of the fireplace, what they really mean is opening the damper.

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Dampers are movable objects that sit within a chimney of a masonry fireplace and have a number of uses including being able to prevent cold drafts when the fireplace isn't in use and potentially being able to make an open fireplace more efficient when closed down.

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The flow of air down into a fireplace or stove from a chimney or flue. By controlling how open or closed a fireplace damper is you can inhibit the flow of any air, gas and particles through that damper. Types Of Fireplace Dampers There are three main types of fireplace damper: Fireplace throat dampers Chimney cap dampers Flue dampers

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A fireplace damper is a metal plate that can be closed to prevent heat from escaping your home, and cold air from entering. They are an important part of any fireplace. They can also be door-like in shape and open and close like a trapdoor.

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10 Best Fireplace Dampers. 1. Chim A Lator Deluxe Top Sealing Damper. This damper usually opens 6.5 inches. It has been proven for over 40 years to be the most trouble-free top-sealing damper. The fireplace damper is 100% stainless steel and is presented to the customer fully assembled which enhances fast installation.

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A damper is a simple yet important device that regulates the airflow in your chimney and allows you to safely vent your fireplace without inviting critters and drafts into your home. What Is a Fireplace Damper? Image Credit: RYosha/iStock/GettyImages

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