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Use a large mason jar to place the food in, a fork as the perch, and some wire to hold everything together. Add a piece of wood or a paint stick instead of a fork for a sturdier perch for the squirrel. No tools are needed to make this squirrel feeder.

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DIY Squirrel Feeder A beautiful unique feeder design where the lid opens as the squirrel stands on the platform to access the food inside. Get a one-piece 5" cedar, hinge, pixel glass, and 1" & 2" outdoor screws. Get your dimensions right as you cut them out and assemble, then bail to the tree.

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DIY Squirrel Feeder Materials: One 6-foot 1-inch × 6-inch "dog-eared" cedar fence board 2-1/2-inch and 1-5/8-inch galvanized deck screws One 1-gallon glass jar Tools: Saber saw Rasp or rough sandpaper Compass Step-By-Step Instructions: Step 1 Cut the pieces from a 6-foot 1-inch × 6-inch fence board according to the board layout at left. Step 2

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Drill two holes, feed some wire through the holes, and form a loop on the side of the box. With that done, simply fill your box with some dried corn or pine cones and hang it from a branch. Note: These bold critters will eventually chew through the cardboard, so it is probably not going to pass the test of time. Log squirrel nut feeder

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Just use a knife, scraper, or drill to create a small well in the branch of a tree, and then fill the well with a mixture of nuts and seeds. Photo: Marco Metzler via Free-Form DIY.

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This DIY project is available at the Birds and Blooms. 5. Mason Jar Squirrel Feeder. This mason jar squirrel feeder is easier than the project above. For this, you just need a mason jar, a fork, wire, and this tutorial to understand the steps. 6. Homemade Squirrel Feeder. Hang or fix this wooden squirrel feeder in one of the trees in your garden.

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First, cut a piece of wood into a rectangle that is approximately 12″ x 18″. This will be the base of your squirrel feeder. Next, drill four holes in the corners of the rectangle. These holes should be big enough to accommodate screws. Now, cut two more pieces of wood into smaller rectangles.

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Click Here Wooden Squirrel Feeder The squirrel feeder is an amazing design that the squirrels can open their way in to feed. There are many DIY Squirrel Feeders that people make for both the squirrel and themselves. This design uses a 5" cedar board, hinge, and high-quality pixel glass to complete the piece.

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A DIY squirrel feeder is an inexpensive way to provide food for wildlife and entertainment for yourself. Squirrels are fascinating to watching as they scurry around the yard and climb trees. Once they discover the feeder you have built for them, they will return time and time again.

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These 25 DIY squirrel feeder ideas are cheap, easy to make, and require only a few materials. You can use different feeder materials such as wood, PVC pipes, plastic bottles, metal cans, and water bottles. You can make your own feeder using a jar or bucket with holes. No matter what you choose to do, you can rest assured that your little furry.

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DIY Squirrel Table Feeder. A DIY squirrel table feeder is a great option if you want to attract multiple squirrels at once. You'll need a piece of wood, some screws, and some brackets. Here's how to make one: Screw the brackets onto the bottom of the piece of wood. Attach the wood to a tree trunk or other suitable location using the brackets.

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Succulents Houseplants Problems Plant Diseases Hide Search 14 DIY Squirrel Feeder Ideas to Feed Furry Friends in Wintertime Squirrel feeders are an excellent way to keep these cute critters away from your bird feeders. They'll also bring them in closer to your home for your viewing pleasure.

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instructables Squirrel Picnic Table Feeder A squirrel's got to eat, and this feeder is designed just for them. The Squirrel Picnic Table will help keep your yard squirrel-friendly without wasting food. The tabletop design keeps the food off the ground for easy access and tucks it away when not used.

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8. Windmill squirrel feeder. If you have agile, somewhat flying squirrels, a windmill squirrel feeder would make squirrels watching a treat. For this, you need recycled PVC pipes, fasteners, and a wooden pole where the windmill is attached. It is a four-fan windmill so you can have a corn cob competition anytime.

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EASY DIY SQUIRREL FEEDER Andersen Wood Crafts 3.88K subscribers Subscribe Subscribed 129 Share 8.1K views 2 years ago This video is a companion to my book, "Beginners Guide To Woodworking," that.

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Quick guide to building a DIY squirrel feeder. Mark and saw out parts. The bottom and back are 17 cm long, and the two side pieces are 28 cm on one side and 22 cm on the other, creating a slope. Around corners of bottom and back pieces and sand saw edges smooth. Saw groove for viewing panel in the shorter sides of the side panels.