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Begin by sketching a small circle for the rat's head. Connect a larger, elongated shape to form the rat's body. Add two small, beady eyes on the head, along with a tiny, rounded nose and a curved line for the mouth. Sketch two round, furry ears on top of the head. Draw four legs extending from the body, each consisting of several segments.

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Rat is a medium size long tail animal. In this tutorial, we will draw Rat. Tags: Rat, Rats, rodents, animals,

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Step 1 Mark off the width and height of the picture. Draw two ovals for the rat's head and body. Draw a smooth guideline for its snout. Step 2 With smooth lines, define the shapes of the rat's neck and back. Step 3 Define the facial features. Draw the belly and chest. Outline the rat's tail. Step 4 Add guidelines for the legs.

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Visit where every step is broken down to an individual image for an even easier tutorial and don't forget to PAUSE the video a.

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Step 1: Draw the Body and the Head A. The first step is to draw a round shape that will form the main body of your rat. B. Draw a much smaller round shape for the head which is next to the right side of the body. C. Draw two curved lines around the round shapes to connect the head to the body. Step 4: Draw the Face

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1. Begin the cartoon rat outline by drawing a curved line. This is the front of the face. Double the line back upon itself at one end, forming the teardrop-shaped nose. Below the line, draw an oval with two small circles inside it. Shade around the circles to form the eye. Easy Rat Drawing - Step 2 2.

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Step 1: Begin by drawing the top of the rat's back and head. Step 2: Draw the mouth and ears next. Step 3: Draw the throat, front paw and the big tooth! Step 4: Draw the rat's underbelly and other front paw. Step 5: Sketch the large, hairless, tail and add facial details. Step 6: Draw in the whiskers! Add detail to the tail.

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How to Draw a Rat Kids will have a wonderful time learning how to draw a rat with 9 easy illustrative steps. Have fun with this simple step by step lesson for learning how to draw a rat. This easy rat lesson is perfect for younger kids looking to get started with drawing. All drawing steps are included here which make it fun and simple to follow!

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Step 1 For this first step of our guide on how to draw a rat, we will begin with the head and face of the rat. First, draw two small circles with a dot inside of each one for the eyes. These will have curved lines beneath and above them to add a bit more personality to the expression of the rat.

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Step 1 - Sketch the Rat Body Shape. Let's start our drawing by first roughly sketching the base shape of our rat's body. Sketch an egg shape, with the rounded end leaning towards the left. This will be the rear body of our animal clipart. Next, sketch a smaller egg shape on the left of the body, for the head.

How to Draw a Rat · Art Projects for Kids

Step 1: Draw the outline of a rat as shown in the reference image, and next, draw a shape to make it look realistic. Step 2: Draw facial details on the rat's face as shown in the reference image. Next, draw the ears of a rat to make it look realistic. Step 3: Draw the rat's legs as shown in the reference image.

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Step 2: Draw a smaller circle on the left as a guide for the rat's head. This circle should be about a quarter the size of the first one. The two circles should be pretty close together. Step 3: Draw two intersecting lines inside the rat's head to help you place the facial features later on. Step 4: Draw a U-shaped arc on the lower left side of.

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Using two curved lines of different sizes, draw the inner and outer parts of the rat's ear. Sketch out the neck. Using two curved lines, connect the outline of the head with the outline of the torso. Add the front paw of the rat. Depict the paw with three fingers and the pointed claws on them. Draw the back paw of the rat.