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In 1960, seven pre-teen outcasts fight an evil demon who poses as a child-killing clown. Thirty years later, they reunite to stop the demon once and for all.

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Canadian actress Emily Perkins played Beverly Marsh as a kid in the 1990 IT miniseries adaptation. She could be argued as the standout among the child Losers' Club actors, but they're all quite good in their roles, and compare wel to the kids from the 2017 movie.

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It (1990) Full Cast & Crew See agents for this cast & crew on IMDbPro Series Directed by Tommy Lee Wallace. (2 episodes, 1990) Series Writing Credits ( WGA) Series Cast verified as complete Series Produced by Series Music by Richard Bellis. (2 episodes, 1990) Series Cinematography by Richard Leiterman. (2 episodes, 1990) Series Editing by

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February 13, 1976 (Movies) Status Alive Also known as Bev (By The Losers Club) Bevvie ( Alvin Marsh) Molly Ringwald ( Richie Tozier) Beaver-ly (Greta Keene) Slut (Greta Keene) Little Shit (Greta Keene) Bevvie-Bevvie from the levee ( 11/22/63)

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It is a 1986 horror novel by American author Stephen King. It was his 22nd book and the 17th novel written under his own name. The story follows the experiences of seven children as they are terrorized by an evil entity that exploits the fears of its victims to disguise itself while hunting its prey. "It" primarily appears in the form of.

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The Complicated, Corrupted Girlhood of 'IT's Beverly Marsh By Haleigh Foutch Published Sep 12, 2017 What Andy Muschietti's film gets right (and wrong) about 'IT's most controversial.

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A controversial IT Beverly scene from Stephen King's novel hasn't been adapted to TV or film (for good reason), but the IT sewer scene has a symbolic meaning that gets lost in the controversy. In 1986, Stephen King terrorized readers with the novel IT, which introduced an otherworldly monster that triggered a wave of coulrophobia (fear of clowns).

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In a scene largely recreated from King's novel, Beverly Marsh (Sophia Lillis), the only female member of the group of friends known as the Losers' Club, has an encounter with the evil entity.

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What happened to Beverly Marsh in Stephen King's 1986 horror novel, IT? We break down Beverly's fate and explain how it could affect IT Chapter Two. Warning: Spoilers below for the IT novel and possibly IT Chapter Two. What happened to Beverly Marsh after the events of Stephen King's 1986 horror novel, IT?

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Beverly Marsh is a main character from the It book, written by Stephen King. The book was adapted to a miniseries in 1990 and two films in 2017 and 2019. In the miniseries she was portrayed by Emily Perkins (child) and Annette O' Toole (adult), in the films by Sophia Lillis (child) and Jessica Chastain (adult). Beverly is a member of The Losers Club in Stephen King's IT. She and Dez are the.

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Bev rebels against his oppressive authority in small but significant ways. He strokes her long, girlish hair, so she cuts it off. She fears he'll come into her room, so she locks herself in the.

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Beverly is the only girl in the Losers' Club. She is tomboyish, smokes cigarettes, and demonstrates a talent for marksmanship. Beverly is the daughter of Elfrida Marsh, a server at Derry's best restaurant, and Al Marsh, a janitor at the Derry Home Hospital.

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Adult (film) Kid (miniseries) Adult (miniseries) Full Name Beverly Marsh Alias (es) Bev Bevvy Beaverly Origin Stephen King's IT Occupation Student (formerly) Fashion Designer Member of The Losers Club Powers / Skills Cycling Skills Rock Throwing Slingshot Skills Fearlessness Romanticism Hobby Hanging out with her friends

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You hit the clown, Pennywise, in the head. It broke open. Bev Marsh : And underneath it was a light. Ben Hanscom : Bright lights. Bill Denbrough : Dead lights. Mike :.If you want to see Henry Bowers, you'll find him up at Juniper Hills. Bev Marsh : Ever since the trial where he confessed to all the murders of all the children.

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Before she became the adult Beverly Marsh in It, Annette O'Toole started a long association with the Man of Steel with her appearance as Clark Kent's love interest Lana Lang in the 1983 film.

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Sophia Lillis (born February 13, 2002) is an American actress. She starred as Beverly Marsh in the horror films It (2017) and It: Chapter Two (2019), as well as Sydney Novak in the Netflix drama series I Am Not Okay With This (2020).