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Biography IMDbPro All topics Lilli Kay (I) Actress IMDbPro Starmeter Top 5,000 1973 Lilli Kay was born on 18 March 1996. She is an actress, known for Yellowstone (2018), Your Honor (2020) and Chambers (2019). More at IMDbPro Contact info & Agent info Born March 18, 1996 Add to list Photos 16 Known for: Yellowstone 8.7 TV Series Clara Brewer

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Lilli Kay is an American actress who is best known for playing Penelope Fowler in the Netflix Series " Chambers." She will be next seen in the TV Series 'Your Honour' which features Bryan Cranston as the lead. Who is Lilli Kay's Boyfriend?

Lilli Kay Age, Birthday, Wiki, Family, Bio, Facts, And Much More

Lilli Kay: Unveiling the Humble Beginnings of a Broadway Star. Lilli Kay with her distinctive stage presence, intriguing versatility, and flamboyant expressions has emerged as one of Broadway's stellar talents. The tatum Oneal of the new generation, she heralds an era of expressive acting on the stage. But before she became the paramount figure that she is now, she belonged to the city-scape.

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Future Prospects: Lilli Kay's Potential to Influence the Stage and Screen. Looking at the future, we can behold a panorama replete with prominent roles for Kay. With her talent, she has the ability to not simply be a part of the story, but to shape it, influence it, and even redefine it. Her expected future projects hold a promise of widening.

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Speaking to Hello, actress Lilli Kay delved into her new character, saying: "I think it's kind of hilarious. This is a character who is entering this world that she's very not accustomed to..

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Lilli Kay appears in season 5 of Yellowstone playing the part of Clara Brewer, John Dutton's resident right-hand woman as he begins his reign as governor of Montana. Kay and her character are.

Lilli Kay Age, Birthday, Wiki, Family, Bio, Facts, And Much More

January 1, 2023 6:00pm Lilli Kay as Clara Brewer in 'Yellowstone' Paramount The only Yellowstone character who managed to survive John Dutton's decision to clean house in the governor's office.

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'Yellowstone' Lilli Kay describes how her real-life partner got cast in the series Kay didn't expect fans to pay such close attention to the kiss. Ashley Marie Jan 2, 2023 8:18 pm via IMDB.

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Lilli Kay opens up about the LGBTQ+ kiss scene featured in Yellowstone season 5. Kay portrays Clara Brewer in Yellowstone, serving as John Dutton (Kevin Costner)'s assistant after he was sworn in as the governor of Montana.During the turmoil faced by John in his new position and the potential threats of impeachment, Clara has proven herself to be a loyal supporter.

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Lilli Kay attended the Wildwood School and The Thacher School in California. She then went on to attend Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. She graduated in 2017 with BFA in Acting and Drama. Who is Lilli Kay Dating? Rumors have been going around that Lilli Kay is dating British actor Nicholas Galitzine. However, it appears.

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Lilli Kay (born 18 March 1996, Age: 26 Years) is a famous American actress, model, television personality, social media influencer, media face, and entrepreneur from Brooklyn, New York City, United States. This beautiful actress is very popular for her amazing acting skills.

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Actress Lilli Kay is proud to have participated in a first for Yellowstone when she was part of the show's first LGBTQ+ kiss, but she's glad it wasn't that big a deal. Kay has become a permanent.

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Lilli Kay is a professional American actress who has also succeeded as a model. Most recently, she is widely recognized for her role in the 2020 hit TV series, Your Honor. Furthermore, the actress is a very kind-hearted person who is time and often witnessed helping people in need and supporting matters like refugees. How Old Is Lilli Kay?

New York, NY April 15, 2019 Actress Lilli Kay attends Netflix's

There's no better actress to play Clara than Lilli Kay, who just so happens to be the daughter of Yellowstone EP/ series director Stephen Kay. "The first day that I went up to the ranch, I.

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Yellowstone star Lilli Kay has revealed how the LGBTQ+ scene ended up in the show. The actress, who plays Clara Brewer in the fifth season of the neo-Western drama, saw her character make out.

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Lilli Kay is an American actress who became prominent for appearing in The Place of No Words (2019) and Chambers (2019). Recently, she has gained more recognition for her role as Fia Baxter in the 2020 hit series titled Your Honour and Clara Brewer on Yellowstone. She is also an alto singer and guitarist.