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An English cream Dachshund is simply a subset of the Dachshund breed we know, but they are more pricey because of their ancestry and elegant cream coat.. When it comes to coat length, true English creams only come in a long-haired variety. Photo from @minidox.charlie (IG) Long-haired English cream Dachshunds are known for their slightly wavy.

33+ Blonde Long Haired Dachshund Photo Bleumoonproductions

Thanks for stopping by our site! We are a family breeder of high-quality English cream long-haired miniature dachshunds. We are located in sunny Southern California but our puppies have been adopted into loving homes all over the world.

49 Best Images Blonde Long Haired Dachshund / Chloe Longhaired Shaded

Long-haired dachshunds in particular have a longer, thicker, flowing fur that gets thicker around their ears and neck, giving them a shaggy appearance. Additionally, their tail, belly, and limbs are covered with lengthy hair. Some long-haired dachshunds have fur so long that it reaches the ground beneath them.

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Long-haired Dachshunds provide the perfect combination of companionship and fun! These wonderful pups are equipped with charmingly oversized ears, a sweet demeanor, and a hearty dose of instinctual loyalty. With a strong desire to please their humans, these furry friends make for an exceptional addition to any family.

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Creams & English Creams. For more than two decades Splendor Farms Kennel has specialized in raising and showing Cream & English Cream Dachshunds for loving homes and the show ring. Please contact us if you are interested in an English Cream Puppy or Adult Dachshund. Serious inquiries only please!

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Welcome! Welcome to Crème of the Crop Dachshunds! We specialize in breeding luxurious platinum blonde ee (Clear) Longhair English Cream Miniature Dachshunds from AKC breeding stock. We also offer other popular cream colors: Shaded Creams, Cream Piebalds, Cream Dapple Piebalds, and Cream Dapples.

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National Breed Club Personality: Friendly, curious, spunky Energy Level: Regular Exercise Good with Children: With Supervision Good with other Dogs: 4 Shedding: 2 Grooming: 2 Trainability: 4.

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Dachshunds can be standard-sized (usually 16 to 32 pounds) or miniature (11 pounds or under), and come in one of three coat types: smooth, wirehaired, or longhaired. Dachshunds aren't built for.

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What is a blonde long haired dachshund? A blonde long haired dachshund is a variation of the standard dachshund breed that has long, silky blonde hair. This breed was developed in the 19th century by crossing the Dachshund with other long haired breeds like the spaniel and the setter.

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The Long-Haired Dachshund is a feisty little wiener dog with long and wavy hair. Dachshunds are very popular house hounds because they are one of the few hunting hounds that fit perfectly into a domestic lifestyle. This breed is very popular with people who live in big cities as they are well adapted to live indoors but still thrive outside.

Blonde Long Haired Dachshund For Adoption Miniature long haired

A long-haired dachshund can also suffer several diseases that are prone to all dachshunds and dogs in general. They include eye problems (like glaucoma), hypothyroidism, cancer, urinary infections, and more. You will find all the information you need about common dachshunds health issues, by reading our complete guide on Dachshund Health.

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Dachshund (Long Haired) This German badger and rabbit hunter comes in a variety of sizes and coat types Size Medium Exercise Up to 1 hour per day Size of home Small house Grooming More than once a week Coat length Medium Sheds Yes Lifespan Over 12 years Vulnerable native breed No Town or country Either Size of garden Small/ medium garden

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This rare Doxie type has a very unique and adorable appearance. It's almost always wirehaired but it can be smooth-haired as well, albeit rarely. So, you can find long and smooth-haired blonde Wheaton dachshunds out there. And, people do often mean the Wheaton when they talk about blonde dachshunds nevertheless.

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The long-haired Dachshund looks similar to the short-haired variety except they have longer hair. Most will have long hair on their ears, legs, skirts, and tails. Their body will also have long hair.

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33+ Blonde Long Haired Dachshund Photo Bleumoonproductions

We have a selection of quality longhaired miniature cream dachshunds as well as a variety of other colors including: Dapple, Cream dapples, Black and Tan, and Red. Two of our sires are second generation English Cream Dachshunds. We are AKC breeders.