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Polygamous Polyromantic Polysexual Polygender A polyamorous relationship is one in which one or more of the participants are involved romantically or sexually with more than one individual at a time. [2] Each person involved in the relationship consents to the situation and is aware of the non-monogamous nature. [3]

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SurfingCA • 4 yr. ago. On 4/23/2019, this flag was voted in as the new Polyamorous Pride Flag by a group of queer activists based in Texas. The new flag mostly retains the color scheme and meanings of the original flag: Red represents love and passion. Blue represents openness and honesty among all partners.

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2020 - Polyamory Pride Flag, created by Molly Colleen Bennett Wilvich Symbolism: lime green - representing growth and kindness; kelly green - representing balance and harmony; sky blue - representing freedom, self expression, wisdom, and joy; royal blue - representing trust, responsibility, honesty, loyalty, and inner security.

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The polyamory flag represents polyamorous relationships, in which people date multiple partners or have romantic (or/and sexual) relationships with more than one individual. Polyamory only works if it's based on the appropriate consent of all people involved. Breaking down the overall meaning by each color on the flag, we've got:


The new Polyamory pride flag with grommets and double stitched edges to reduce fraying. The new tricolor polyamorous pride flag was created by Red Howell in a contest voted on by 30,827 polyamorous people. This is the design that won and is now considered the official polyamorous pride flag! $1 donated!

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Polyamproud has revealed a new polyamorous flag created by Red Howell. Photo: Courtesy Polyamproud It was the late Gilbert Baker back in 1978 who helped sew the first rainbow flag with his friends, and who observed "Our movement is evolving. The movement to liberate our sexuality as a human right, that's an ongoing struggle."

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One polyamory flag you will see softens the strong, vintage colors into pale blue, hot pink and black and replaces the "pi" symbol with the polyamory symbol—a heart with an eternity "8" woven through it. Another design uses the polyamory symbol but has four color bars—lime green, kelly green, sky blue, and royal blue.

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In with the new. I kept the color scheme of the original polyamory pride flag, reworked it to be easier on the eyes, and swapped out the pi symbol for the infinity heart. It holds the same meaning as the original with a fresh new look. The official polyamory flag uses four colors with specific meanings:

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Many members of the community voted on a new polyamory flag consisting of a golden heart in a white chevron along with blue, pink and purple stripes. $7 from Amazon Straight ally flag.

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Accept Decline A redesigned polyamory pride flag using the same color scheme and meaning as the original, but with a fresh new look.

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We have a new Polyamory Pride Flag. So let's take a look at the history of the polyamory pride flag and why it's so important to the community.

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An anonymous wiki user designed an alternative poly flag on October 21st, 2020. This new design is meant to be easier on the eyes while maintaining the same meaning. This flag still has the original stripe colors with their meaning, and the additional lighter pink and blue stripes stand for poly individuals.


Oct 26, 2022 3 min read How to Vote (for a New Polyamorous Flag) It's just about time to vote for a new polyamorous flag! From November 1st to 22nd, people around the world who've signed up to vote will receive an email, and have the opportunity to make their voice heard.

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The new polyamory pride flag, selected through a public vote organized by PolyamProud, features a design created by Red Howell. This flag and its design were chosen to represent and celebrate the polyamorous community. The symbolism behind the design includes a chevron symbol, indicating growth and progress.

Since there's recently been discussion on the polyamorous flag(s

polyamproud announced the results of an international vote for a new polyamory pride flag on 23 November, 2022. over 30,000 non-monogamous people participated.

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The design that won the vote for the new polyamory pride flag is called "tricolor polyamorous pride flag." It was created in 2022 by Red Howell, who submitted it to polyamproud's team of volunteers ahead of the selection committee deliberation and voting periods.