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"Acta non verba.". When you're eager to remind your subordinates at work who's in charge, toss a "Non ducor duco" their way. Meaning, "I am not led; I lead," this phrase is a.

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non ducor, duco I am not led; I lead : non loqui sed facere not talk but action : non progredi est regredi to not go forward is to go backward : non scholae, sed vitae discimus we learn not for school, but for life -- from Seneca : non sequitur

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"Non ducor, duco" - I am not led, I lead. Adopted by original thinkers everywhere, including an early Apple commercial, which seems to be rather a fitting quote with which to end this blog: "This is for fools. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. Those round pieces in the square holes. Those who see things differently.

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Non ducor, duco. I am not led, I lead. The motto of São Paulo, Brazil, this phrase is a great, albeit somewhat aggressive way to assert your dominance while also letting folks know that you've read a few books. It corrects anyone under the mistaken assumption that you aren't the absolute boss and/or innovator of any given situation.

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What's the Meaning of "Non Ducor Duco" Ah, "Non Ducor Duco," the catchy Latin motto of the great city of São Paulo, Brazil. It translates to "I am not led, I lead." It's like a motivational pep talk for the metropolis, reminding everyone to take charge of their destiny and blaze their own trail.

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Non Ducor, Duco Nosce Te Ipsum Carpe Noctem 1 Barba Tenus Sapientes This phrase means "wise as far as his beard." It means that a person may look intelligent, but actually isn't the smartest person around.

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Non Ducor Duco. The official motto of the city of São Paulo in Brazil, Non ducor duco translates to "I am not led; I lead", this phrase is a great way to assert your will and autonomy in a world that wants you to be bent. Photo credits from: Rate My Ink Qui Audet Adipiscitur. Translates to "s/he who dares, wins".

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non ducor, duco in English - Latin-English Dictionary | Glosbe Translation of "non ducor, duco" into English I am not led; I lead is the translation of "non ducor, duco" into English.

Non Ducor. Duco. Latin phrase meaning "I Am Not Led. I Lead

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Latin Phrases 1. Acta non verba. Deeds, not words. 2. Amor vincit omnia. Love conquers all. 3. Audere est faucere. To dare is to do. 4.Veni, vidi, vici. I came, I saw, I conquered. 5. Non.

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in: Character, Featured, Knowledge of Men Brett & Kate McKay • May 10, 2019 • Last updated: October 1, 2023 Latin Words and Phrases Every Man Should Know What do great men like Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and Theodore Roosevelt all have in common? They all were proficient in Latin.

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non ducor, duco: I am not led; I lead: Motto of São Paulo city, Brazil. See also pro Brasilia fiant eximia. non est factum: it is not [my] deed: a doctrine in contract law that allows a signing party to escape performance of the agreement. A claim of "non est factum" means that the signature on the contract was signed by mistake, without.

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memento vivere - "remember to live". Similar to "carpe diem.". minima maxima sunt - "The smallest things are the most important.". This might be a good tattoo after you have a baby. For you, not the baby. non ducor, duco - "I am not led; I lead". You tell 'em, honey. non timebo mala - "I will fear no evil".

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Acta non verbal - Deeds not words Non ducor duco - I am not led, I lead; Verba volant, scripta manent - Spoken words fly away, written words remain; Carpe diem - Seize the day; Ex nihilo nihil fit - Nothing comes from nothing Esto quod es - Be what you are; Dum vita est, spes est - While there is life, there is hope

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non ducor, duco Phrase Meaning: I am not led; I lead Motto of São Paulo city, Brazil. See also pro Brasilia fiant eximia. Word-for-word analysis: A much more detailed analysis with detection of relationships or clauses can be found in our Sentence Analysis! Try it out! More Information Embed this entry on your site Similar words Add similar words