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Sherry Birkin A young girl who is picked up by the Raccoon City Police Department shortly before the outbreak, Sherry Birkin is found by Claire Redfield, and together they have to find a way out that avoids the monsters, both undead and the living.

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Community Hub Resident Evil 2 A deadly virus engulfs the residents of Raccoon City in September of 1998, plunging the city into chaos as flesh eating zombies roam the streets for survivors. An unparalleled adrenaline rush, gripping storyline, and unimaginable horrors await you. Witness the return of Resident Evil 2. Recent Reviews:

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Resident Evil 2 (also known as Biohazard RE:2 in Japan) is a survival horror game developed and published by Capcom.A remake of the 1998 game Resident Evil 2, it features the original playable characters Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield, as well as the other supporting characters as they attempt to escape Raccoon City after a massive viral outbreak.

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Resident Evil 2 Characters Characters (Resident Evil 2) Leon S. Kennedy Claire Redfield Ada Wong Sherry Birkin Robert Kendo Marvin Branagh Ben Bertolucci Brian Irons Annette Birkin William Birkin Hunk A full list of characters for Resident Evil 2.

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The script for Resident Evil 2 was written in the same manner as the original and remake of Resident Evil, in that the two player characters' stories are set in their own respective worlds distinct from their counterpart. As consequence, both Leon and Claire will defeat some of the same bosses, as Chris and Jill do the Yawn, but character-unique story and bosses will appear. The game begins.

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IGN's Resident Evil 2 Remake walkthrough and strategy guide will lead you through every step of the game from the title screen to the final credits, including every collectible location, boss.

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Resident Evil 2, also known as BIOHAZARD RE:2 (バイオハザード RE:2?) in Japan, is a Survival Horror game developed by Capcom's R&D Division 1 studio. It is a remake of 1998's Resident Evil 2, described by Capcom as a "reimagining" and first announced on 12 August 2015 by Yoshiaki Hirabayashi and.

Resident Evil 2 Story Trailer PS4 YouTube

Resident Evil 2 (1998) Resident Evil 2 - Game.Com (1998) Resident Evil 2 - Tiger 99x (1999) Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (1999) Resident Evil CODE:Veronica (2000) Resident Evil Survivor (2000) Resident Evil Survivor 2 CODE:Veronica (2001) Resident Evil Gaiden (2001) 2002-2010. Resident Evil (2002)

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Now, instead of pixelated characters running from pre-rendered background to pre-rendered background, Resident Evil 2 is a fully 3D, over-the-shoulder affair with atmospheric lighting effects.

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Characters in the Resident Evil game series include paramilitary troopers, cops, mutants, and zombies, lots of zomies. The list of characters from Resident Evil includes all the Redfield siblings, characters from Resident Evil 0-5.

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Characters By Brendan Graeber , Samuel Claiborn , Start , +86 more updated Jan 31, 2019 This page contains a list of characters for Resident Evil 2, including names, bios, images and.

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Building Character In the original RE2, playable characters were all mechanically very similar, but for the Resident Evil 2 Board Game we wanted to give each character a greater sense of identity.

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Resident Evil 2 [a] is a 2019 survival horror game developed and published by Capcom. A remake of the 1998 game Resident Evil 2, it was released for PlayStation 4, Windows, and Xbox One in January 2019 and for Amazon Luna, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S in June 2022, and a Nintendo Switch cloud version released in November 2022.

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It sets the standard for a modern-day remake of a groundbreaking video game, and helped inspire last year's similarly great Dead Space remake. For the horror-averse, Resident Evil 2 is not for.

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Resident Evil 2 gives you the option to play as either Leon S. Kennedy or Claire Redfield when you start a story campaign. That one-time choice has some pretty profound effects on the game you.

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List of Resident Evil characters This is a list of Resident Evil characters, which includes playable and recurring characters that were introduced in Resident Evil, a series of survival horror video games. Appearances P - Playable character (campaign/unlockable-mini campaign) P* - Playable character (minigame/DLC) Protagonists Chris Redfield