Another word for Serious, What is another, synonym word for Serious

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thesaurus Parts of speech verbs suggest new Another way to say Take It Serious? Synonyms for Take It Serious (other words and phrases for Take It Serious).

Another word for Serious, What is another, synonym word for Serious

Synonyms for 'Take seriously'. Best synonyms for 'take seriously' are 'be taken seriously', 'give serious consideration' and 'seriously consider'.

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- English Only forum To take it too seriously and personally Treat seriously/Take seriously usage of adverb: take ~ seriously You do not have to need to take it seriously - English Only forum you take yourself too seriously to care about what you put on your back - English Only forum You tend to take life too seriously lately.

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Synonyms for SERIOUS: solemn, severe, earnest, stern, professional, sober, harsh, humorless; Antonyms of SERIOUS: humorous, joking, playful, flippant, jocular.

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Synonyms of seriously seriously adverb Definition of seriously as in extremely to a great degree that's some seriously good pie Synonyms & Similar Words Relevance extremely terribly very incredibly too really highly damn so badly damned severely desperately far greatly that much intensely especially most heavily super particularly wildly jolly

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: to treat (someone or something) as being very important and deserving attention or respect He takes his religious faith seriously. She's well qualified for the job, so she hopes the company will take her seriously. His parents threatened to punish him, but he didn't take them seriously, since he had not been punished before.

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Take seriously synonyms, take seriously antonyms - TheFreeDictionary Google seriously (redirected from take seriously) Also found in: Dictionary, Medical, Idioms. Related to take seriously: undoubtedly Graphic Thesaurus 🔍 Legend Synonym Antonym Related embed

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Best expression synonyms for 'take seriously' are 'be taken seriously', 'give serious consideration' and 'seriously consider'. Search for synonyms and antonyms. Classic Thesaurus. C. take seriously > synonyms. 214 Synonyms ; 10 Antonyms ; more ; 1 Narrower; 5 Related;

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Take seriously synonyms What is another word for Take seriously? reckon with allow for bargain for be prepared for expect anticipate take into account acknowledge contemplate deal with examine favor favour grant look at recognize recognise regard scrutinize scrutinise see study cogitate concede consult deliberate envisage excogitate inspect

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definitions sentences thesaurus Parts of speech verbs nouns What's the definition of Take it seriously in thesaurus? Most related words/phrases with sentence examples define Take it seriously meaning and usage.

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Synonyms: serious, sober, grave2, solemn, earnest1 These adjectives refer to manner, appearance, disposition, or acts marked by absorption in thought, pressing concerns, or significant work. Serious implies a concern with responsibility and work as opposed to play: serious students of music.

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SERIOUSLY meaning: 1. badly or severely: 2. in a serious way, not joking: 3. to consider a person, subject, or…. Learn more.

Seriously Synonym

to consider a person, subject, or situation to be important or dangerous and worth your attention or respect: The police have to take any terrorist threat seriously. You don't take anything seriously, do you? It's all one big joke to you. She's sick of being seen as a sex symbol and wants to be taken seriously as an actress.

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definitions sentences thesaurus suggest new Another way to say Taking It Seriously? Synonyms for Taking It Seriously (other words and phrases for Taking It Seriously).

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take seriously (third-person singular simple present takes seriously, present participle taking seriously, simple past took seriously, past participle taken seriously) ( transitive) To consider (something /what somebody is saying) important and meaningful . Synonym: take to heart. Antonyms: take lightly, make light of.

Seriously Synonym

Synonyms for Take Seriously (other words and phrases for Take Seriously).