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12 Best Acoustic Guitars Under $500 By Sweetwater on Mar 14, 2023, 8:00 AM There's never a wrong time to get a stellar deal on an acoustic guitar! And these days, between manufacturing improvements and Sweetwater deals, there's no reason that financial stress and outstanding 6-strings should go together.

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10 Best Electric Guitars Under $500 in 2023 By Music Critic Staff, Edited By Dave McKinnon. Additional content from James Nugent. Last Updated: January 7, 2023 Electric guitars are some of the most exciting instruments to play in the world. The excitement is right there in the name: electric.

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Overall, I would say this is the best acoustic electric guitar under 500 dollars on the market right now. This guitar comes in Koa and high-pressure laminate (HPL). The video shows the Koa version: 2. Yamaha FGX800C (Best Value) Shop on Sweetwater. Check Amazon Price. Estimated Price. $320.

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Our Top 3 Our top pick was the Epiphone Les Paul Junior. It's an iconic guitar with a storied history. It delivers great tones, and classic looks, and really does offer a great blend between price and performance. Players looking for the best bang for their buck should check out our best value choice, the Squier Affinity Series Stratocaster.

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It's got a nice slim neck profile that most players will love, especially beginners. All in all, great value for money, so one to consider when looking at the best acoustic guitars under $500/£500. (Image credit: Future) 7. Epiphone J-45 Studio. The best affordable take on the iconic J-45.

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Best Electric Guitars Under $500 in 2024: Budget Axes To Suit All Players By James Farmer last updated 6 December 2022 Our pick of the best cheap electric guitars from brands including Squier, Epiphone and Ibanez Included in this guide: 1 Squier Classic Vibe Stratocaster '60s Check Price 2 Epiphone SG Standard Check Price 3 Squier Bullet Strat

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Best cheap electric guitars under $500 2024: epic electrics for smaller budgets By Amit Sharma Contributions from Chris Gill, Matt McCracken, James Farmer last updated 24 October 2023 These cheap electric guitars offer fantastic tone and great playability, all within a more wallet-friendly price range Jump To: The quick list Best Tele Best Strat

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10 Best Acoustic Guitars Under $500 in 2023 By Music Critic Staff, Edited By Dave McKinnon. Additional content from Kate Brunotts. Last Updated: January 7, 2023 Playing the acoustic guitar provides a ton of fun for you, your friends, and your family. Not to mention that there's always the possibility of leading into a career.

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4. Best Small Body Acoustic Guitar - Baby Taylor. The Baby Taylor's top is made of tropical American mahogany, which adds mid-range punch and a "bluesy edge" to the guitar's tone. The back and.

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Best Acoustic Guitars Under $500 Before I begin, here are my top selected choices: Squier SA-150 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Total of 4.5/5 Affordable, durable guitar with big, balanced sound. Check Price Yamaha Storia III Acoustic Guitar Total of 4.4/5 Stylish Yamaha guitar boosting creativity and self-expression. Check Price

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In this article, we'll dive into the best electric guitars under $500 currently available and detail what sets them apart from the crowd. Best overall: Squier by Fender Classic Vibe '50s.

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Does such a thing exist? Luckily, there are many being produced today that are of wonderful quality for under 500. And there is normally something for everyone in this price range. A guitar must have the right characteristics to fit each unique individual.

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1 Squier Classic Vibe '50s Telecaster View 2 Epiphone SG Special P-90 Check Price 3 Gretsch G2622T Streamliner Center-Block Double Cutaway Check Price 4 Yamaha RevstarRS320 Check Price 5 Ibanez RG421MSP View 6 Sterling by Music Man Cutlass CT30SSS Check Price 7 Squier Affinity Stratocaster Check Price 8 Jackson JS32T Rhoads

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The best cheap electric guitars come from some huge names including Squier, Yamaha, Ibanez, Epiphone and loads more. Generally, we're looking at guitars under the £/$500 mark, as it's here you'll get a big crossover between quality and affordability. In this buying guide, we've outlined our choices for the best cheap electric guitars.

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17 Best Electric Guitars Under $500 That Are Actually Worth It By Javier Cruz 3 months ago 68 Mins read 0 Many of us harbor dreams of mastering a musical instrument, and electric guitars are high on the list due to their versatility and iconic rock 'n' roll image.

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Ovation guitars aren't quite as popular as they once were, but they should still be very much on your radar if you're looking for the best acoustic guitars under $500, as the Ovation Applause AE44-7S is a great choice in this price range. The body shape is uniquely Ovation, and is actually quite similar to the silhouette of a Les Paul.