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Perhaps the most famous comedian with a puppet is Jeff Dunham. Jeff's specials on Comedy Central have broken network records. YouTube videos of Achmed the Dead Terrorist propelled Jeff to international fame. His live show sells out arenas around the world. Forbes Magazine lists Dunham as the top touring comedian thanks to his record ticket sales.

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Comedian & vetriloquist Jeff Dunham talks to us about his hilarious puppet shows at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace.

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Jeff Dunham Jeffrey Douglas Dunham (born April 18, 1962) is an American ventriloquist, stand-up comedian and actor who has also appeared on numerous television shows, including Late Show with David Letterman, Comedy Central Presents, The Tonight Show and Sonny With a Chance.

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Welcome to the official Jeff Dunham YouTube channel! Join the over 1 billion people who've enjoyed all of the videos from Jeff, Achmed, Walter, Peanut, Bubba.

Top 5 Prop and Puppet Comedians in History

Stand-up comedian Jeff Dunham is known for his hilarious characters Walter, Peanut, Achmed the Dead Terrorist, and José Jalapeño on a Stick. He revealed on "Windy City LIVE" that there's a new.

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Dec. 8, 2024. Las Vegas Convention Center, NV. Bakkt Theater at Planet Hollywood. set reminder. tickets. The ONLY official place to purchase tickets is & Ticketmaster. Be the first to find out about upcoming shows, new Jeff Dunham gear and more!

Top 5 Prop and Puppet Comedians in History

1. Jeff Dunham Finding luck in Vegas, this ventriloquist comedian, the one from the Forbes 2015 list, makes a fortune - $19 million a year, to be exact.

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Patrick Bromley Updated on 09/12/18 Blue-collar comedy is a hugely popular movement in stand-up comedy, largely inspired by working-class citizens and spawning countless tours, TV series, and comedy careers.

Comedian Jeff Dunham returns to Maines Arena in Binghamton with plethora of puppets

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What's happening in Jeff Dunham - Unhinged in Hollywood?Jeff Dunham is BACK with another comedy special! Bringin you all your favorite puppets once more! We.

Standup comic, ventriloquist Jeff Dunham will bring his act back to CenturyLink Center in 2018

Stand-up comedy. Street performance. Theatre. Ventriloquism. v. t. e. Ventriloquism is an act of stagecraft in which a person (a ventriloquist) speaks in such a way that it looks like their voice is coming from a different location, usually through a puppet known as a "dummy".

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At a glance. Jeff Dunham will perform at 7 p.m. Dec. 30 at the Schottenstein Center, 555 Borror Drive. Tickets start at $52.50. ( The ventriloquist's popular characters.

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Patrick Bromley Updated on 03/27/17 Whether you're a die-hard fan of stand-up comedy or a total newbie, here's 10 comedians you ought to be familiar with. They may not be the most groundbreaking or original or even the funniest (that's a matter of opinion, after all), but they're ones making the biggest splash in the comedy scene today. 01 of 10

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9 Taylor Mason Ventriloquist Taylor Mason knew how much he loved ventriloquism when he was 10; he received a puppet from his parents on his tenth birthday.

Top 5 Prop and Puppet Comedians in History

Randy Feltface, mostly referred to merely as Randy or, on occasion, Randy the Purple Puppet, is an Australian puppet comedian.Randy is a fixture on the international stand-up circuit and makes regular guest appearances on Australian television. He also performs as one half of the musical comedy duo "Sammy J and Randy", who made their television sitcom debut in 2015 with Sammy J & Randy in.

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Jeff Dunham is a popular comedian and ventriloquist, known for his clever antics with his puppets. Updated: May 25, 2021 Photo: Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage (1962-) Who Is Jeff Dunham? Jeff.