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Jason Momoa shaved off his beard for the first time in 7 years INSIDER

If you want to get long hair like Momoa's, you're about a year of growing it out and one blow dryer away from getting closer to those textured ocean waves. (Maybe add some sea salt spray, too.

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Unveiling the Reasons Behind Jason Momoa Without Beard Delving a touch deeper than the skin's surface, Momoa's motive for going sans beard catches us slightly off-guard. It's not for an upcoming role or a whimsical personal preference, but a stand on environmental sustainability—he's promoting aluminum recycling.

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Why is 'Jason Momoa without beard' trending? Kevin Quinitchett Published: 12:33 ET, Nov 25 2022 Updated: 12:40 ET, Nov 25 2022 FANS were divided as Jason Momoa went viral for a hair-raising reason. Admirers of the Aquaman actor were met with confusion as 'Jason Momoa without beard' began trending on social media. 2

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Five O'clock Shadow It's rare to see Jason Momoa spotting this beard style, but he has done it in the past. The style involves rocking a five o'clock shadow beard or light stubble. The light stubble looks good on him, but that is no surprise since it's one of the most attractive beard styles. Short Pointed Beard

Jason Momoa Has Shaved Off His Beard Because People Are Destroying The

But, of course, once pictures of a beardless Jason Momoa hit the internet, people started freaking out. Many praised Jason for his stance and said he looked perfect with or without the beard.

Jason Momoa Kisses His Khal Drogo Beard Goodbye GQ

Follow Us Comment Jason Momoa's fake image without beard stirs internet (image via Getty Images) An image of Jason Momoa without his iconic beard has been making the rounds online,.

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The actor, 39, shaved off his signature beard, sharing a video of the big moment to his YouTube page on Wednesday. "Goodbye Drogo, Aquaman, Declan, [and] Baba!" Momoa wrote — referencing the.

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A four-minute video posted to YouTube on Wednesday shows Aquaman star Jason Momoa shaving his famous beard for the first time in seven years for a worthy cause. Momoa explains he's shaving.

Jason Momoa shaved his beard and people are freaking out CNN

Jason Momoa and his beard are peas in a pod. They're PB&J or rum and coke. They're meant to be together, clinging to each other during those long, sodden Aquaman sequel shoots. Let's say we.

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Breaking news: Jason Momoa has shaved off his widely coveted beard. Earlier today, the actor took to Instagram to debut his fresh-faced aesthetic after seven years of sporting the famous.

Jason Momoa shaves off iconic beard for recycling message Daily Telegraph

YouTube Jason Momoa shared a video in April 2019 aptly called " Goodbye Drogo. I SHAVED ." True to its name, Momoa shared in the video the process of him shaving off his iconic beard.

Jason Momoa Just Shaved Off His Beard And People Are Freaking Out Jason momoa, Jason momoa

The circulation of Jason's photo from back in the day comes just after 'Jason without beard' trended on social media a month ago. In November 2022, 'Jason Momoa without beard' started trending across Twitter and other social platforms.

Jason Momoa without his beard Twitter reacts to his new shaved look after trim

Game of Thrones cast without beards: Jason Momoa, Kit Harington, more TV See Game of Thrones stars with and without their beards Their characters have had plenty of close shaves, although.

Game of Thrones cast without beards Jason Momoa, Kit Harington, more

Beard or No Beard, Jason Momoa's YouTube Account Is a Must-Follow. By Janelle Okwodu. April 18, 2019. Save. Save. Momoa even takes the cameras along for personal milestones,.

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By Ree Hines Bye-bye, beard! Hirsute star Jason Momoa no longer sports the look fans have known and loved ever since his season one stint on HBO's "Game of Thrones." On Wednesday, the actor.

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Jason Momoa is FIINNE with or without the beard. Stop playin. pic.twitter.com/89kOaNpcSO — 🌞Sunshyne 🌞 (@Jord_yynn) April 18, 2019