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Description (Ultimate Alien): NRG can be described as a humanoid alien that's made of pure red radioactive energy which is contained in a big heavy oven-like dark green-teal metal suit he wears in order to contain very high levels of radiation and heat he gives off.

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Ben 10 Franklin Gallery NRG is the Omnitrix 's DNA sample of a Prypiatosian-B from the planet Prypiatos in the Andromeda Galaxy . Contents 1 Appearance 2 History

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NRG is the Codon Stream/Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Prypiatosian-B from the planet Nucleria. NRG's DNA was obtained in Too Hot to Handle by the Ultimatrix scanning P'andor. NRG's containment suit is a oven-like suit that is capable of containing high levels of radiation and heat. The Ultimatrix symbol is on the center circle of the containment suit. NRG's containment suit now has a handle on.

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With NRG there's at least some precedent for energy aliens since Megawatt was introduced all the way back in the OS, same goes for biotech aliens since Upgrade's been around since the beginning but Atomix literally looks like a revamp of the suit Azmuth was wearing way back when Ben first met him.

Ben 10 NRG by derp99999 on DeviantArt

NRG ( Ben 10 Franklin) Details Voice Actor Dee Bradley Baker First Appearance The Forge of Creation Gallery

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Full Name Benjamin Kirby Tennyson Alias (es) Ben 10

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General Information Species ½ Kineceleran ½ Prypiatosian-B Body Humanoid Velociraptor Powers and Abilities Equipment Containment Suit Gallery XLRG is a fusion alien that never made it into the show. He is the combination of XLR8 and NRG 's DNA. He can only be accessed by using the Biomnitrix . Contents 1 Appearance 2 Powers and Abilities

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My next Ben 10 model, NRG! The model of the suit is relatively that same as the one I found on Sketchfab as is. I just put a little window to show into the suit to see the badge, similar to Elmike9's design. For NRG out of the suit, I found this model of a skinny emaciated creature and modified it to look like this.

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This entry in Cartoon Network's popular "Ben 10" franchise features the superhero exploring the quirky side of the alien underworld in a secret alien city. Although Ben's ready to work alone,.

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Since the ultimatrix was less advanced compared to the official Omnitrix, it just copied the armor from Pandor. The official Omnitrix added the Handel so that, if Ben so wishes, he can slip out and increase his power, should the need arise. Plus, the uniform he wears in his true form is meant to keep NRG's radiation away from people, kind of.

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Ben Tennyson · DC Comics · Ben 10. NRG . Overview; Comics; Contributions. Submit Corrections Submit New Persona. At the age of 10 years old during the start of summer vacation, Ben Tennyson found a device falling from the sky called the Omnitrix. It latches onto his wrist like a watch and granted him the power to transform into a myriad of.

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1 Appearance 2 Powers and Abilities 3 Weaknesses 4 Trivia Appearance NRG is a living nuclear reactor contained inside a heavy oven like suit with a handle on the top and the Omnitrix on his chest. His true form wears two straps, two wristbands on both arms and two knee braces on both legs all with green dots on them and he wears shorts with a belt.

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Aggregor carefully selected each one of the Andromeda 5 to make an unstoppable combo, but NRG (Prypiatosian-B) doesn't seem to be considerably better in any way than Heatblast, Swampfire, or even Eye Guy. He chose Bivalvan/Water Hazard for his invulnerable armour and hydrokinesis.

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NRG (pronounced as "Energy") is the Codon Stream's sample of a Prypiatosian-B. NRG is a humanoid alien made of pure, red, radioactive energy contained in a heavy, oven-like steel suit that is capable of containing high levels of radiation. It is also very durable as it can be thrown, pummeled and drilled, without visible damage. In BTHT NRG is one of Ben's original 10 aliens. He has the.