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Blue Diamond is a major antagonist in the Steven Universe franchise. She is one of the Gem Matriarchs on Gem Homeworld and a member of the Great Diamond Authority ruling over Homeworld. Blue Diamond was apparently responsible for overseeing an attempted colonization of Earth, and later, the attempts to quell the Rebellion of the Crystal Gems. She is voiced by Lisa Hannigan. Blue Diamond has a.

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Steven Universe Future Episode 17"Homeworld Bound"Performed by: Lisa Hannigan (Blue Diamond)All credit goes to show creator Rebecca Sugar, the Crewniverse, C.

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Blue Diamond is a member of the Great Diamond Authority, and a supporting anti-heroine of the animated series Steven Universe. Not much is known about Blue Diamond's origins at this time. What is known however is that she is a member of the Gem homeworld's Diamond Authority. The Diamonds intended to use Earth for colonization after the homeworld's resources began dwindling, but a single Rose.

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Steven Universe is a Diamond. Steven Universe is Pink Diamond. Steven finds himself in his mother's old room at The Diamond Palace. He's then invited to a creepy steaming in a sauna with his aunt, Yellow Diamond. He is then invited to soak in a creepy bath with his other aunt, Blue Diamond.

Steven Universe Blue Diamond Print Etsy

The Quiet One: Unlike the Crystal Gems' Pearl or Yellow Diamond's Pearl, Blue Pearl doesn't speak at all during "The Answer".And after her debut, whenever she does speak, if at all, her voice is very soft.; Red Oni, Blue Oni: The.Blue Oni to Yellow Pearl's Red Oni. She's quiet, composed, and passive in stark contrast to Yellow Pearl's loud, sassy smugness.

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Pearl (or Blue Pearl as she is referred to by the Crewniverse) is a Homeworld Gem that originally belonged to Blue Diamond. She first appeared in a flashback in "The Answer" and made her official debut in "Steven's Dream". Much like that of her friend Yellow Pearl, she resides on Earth, living as a free Gem. Her height and physical frame are identical to the Crystal Gems' Pearl and Yellow.

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Blue Diamond is my favorite character. I don't relate to her in as specific a way, I just relate to her being depressed. Also I love her design. Rebecca Sugar compared her to a ghost, which I think fits pretty well as I'd describe her as "haunting". She just feels like the most ethereal of the Diamonds. animephobegaming.

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Blue Diamond, or Blue for short, is a Homeworld Gem and a member of the Great Diamond Authority that formerly ruled over the Gem race. She first appears in a flashback in "The Answer" and debuts in person in "Steven's Dream". As a result of Era 3, Blue Diamond now uses her powers to bring joy to other Gems through her clouds, created from her vaporized tears, which make someone happy once.

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Provided to YouTube by Cartoon Network / WaterTower MusicBlue Diamond · Steven Universe · aivi & surasshuSteven Universe: Season 4 (Score from the Original S.

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Blue Diamond represents sadness and grief. She has the ability to make other gems cry. She runs colonies, but not as many as Yellow. She seems to be the one closest to Pink in Steven's flashback memories. She is the one who encourages Pink to stay the course during Earth's rebellion.

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But for Me, It Was Tuesday: When Blue Diamond sees Sapphire and Ruby face to face, she doesn't even remember them as the Gems she was furious at centuries before, though this is understandable as the event in question was over five thousand years ago. She remembers who they are in "Reunited" once she sees Garnet.; The Chains of Commanding: If Yellow Diamond is telling the truth, Blue Diamond's.

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Best of Blue Diamond! | Steven Universe / Steven Universe FutureClips and scenes of Blue Diamond from Steven Universe and Steven universe future. Honestly sh.

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